Blakeman Propane & One-Tank

Business Overview:

Blakeman Propane Inc. is a well-established propane retailer and wholesale company with a rich history since 1953. With nine locations spread across Wyoming, Blakeman Propane serves both individual consumers and larger businesses with their propane needs

Challenges Before the One-Tank Monitoring System:

Blakeman Propane Inc. faced significant challenges with previous propane monitor providers. The technology frequently failed without reason. Blakeman Propane Inc. once experienced over 50 failures due to sub-par propane monitoring technology within a single day. Technical support was a frustrating experience, with communication issues and a lack of effective solutions. Blakeman Propane knew they needed to make a change they and their clients deserved stability.

“We use it as a selling tool. People love to be able to use their phones and see the percentage left in the tank,

Measurable Change Since Partnership:

The One-Tank Monitoring System brought about a measurable change in Blakeman Propane’s operations.

The reliability and responsiveness of the new solution set it apart significantly. One-Tank’s satellite capabilities open possibilities for clients in new and exciting ways.

Blakeman Propane’s Top 3 Results from One-Tank

User-Friendly Interface:

The system proved to be highly user-friendly, making it accessible and efficient for the Blakeman Propane team.

Increased Capability:

One-Tank’s technology offered significantly more capabilities compared to previous providers.

Marketing Capabilities:

Blakeman Propane successfully utilizes the system as a major benefit and selling point to their clients. With One-Tank’s advanced technology, clients can operate with greater control.

“We use it as a selling tool. People love to be able to use their phones and see the percentage left in the tank,

A Company That is ALWAYS There

One-Tank’s customer service was essential for Blakeman Propane Inc. The company cited One-Tank’s responsive approach and dedicated commitment to fulfilling their needs. One-Tank promptly addressed requests and actively worked on improvements, showcasing a proactive and effective partnership.

Reasons for Choosing One-Tank:

According to Blakeman Propane Inc., the decision to partner with One-Tank was based on their attention to detail in every aspect of their client’s journey. The extraordinary offer of providing one-on-one training at Blakeman Propane’s place of business set One-Tank a step above other providers.

“Previous providers do not compare to the personal service we have received from One-Tank.”

The One-Tank Monitoring System: Your Solution for Propane Management Challenges

Blakeman Propane’s experience with One-Tank showcases a successful partnership that has not only addressed challenges but has also provided improved efficiency of operations, customer satisfaction and return on investment.

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