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One-Tank SkyTracker Omega Features

Global Coverage

SkyTracker has 100% geographical coverage of North America, and 95% coverage of the world!

Quick & Easy Installation

SkyTracker is a self-contained explosion-proof tank monitor device that can be installed in less than 5 minutes on any ASME-compliant tank (no technical expertise required).

Customizable Text & Email Alerts

Out of ordinary events reported immediately to cell phone or email. Receive alerts when there is a low battery, stuck float gauge, leak, overfill, and more; all completely customizable from the web portal.

End User Access

Data from the tanks is sent in the noise spectrum, therefore it is non-detectable and non-decodable, assuring your privacy. Data is further encrypted and password protected so only the end user and the fuel supplier can access the tank information.

Gas Leak Protection

Because each SkyTracker has a Degree Day recorder and the patented SkyBrain processor installed during manufacturing, SkyTracker can determine a customer’s K-factor.

Back Office Software Integration

Tank information is available 24/7 at the SkyTracker Portal web site. Tank data can also be shared with other information software systems, allowing the implementation of consumption billing and other custom projects.

GPS Locations & Route Management

SkyTracker IV’s new GPS capabilities allow you to know where all of your tanks are at all times on the web portal. In addition to each tanks location, routes can be assigned, routed and dispatched directly from the website.

Consumption Billing

Under Consumption Billing, the propane supplier can open up its tertiary storage in the field. This means a seamless supply of propane for the end user as well as a smooth and prosperous winter for the supplier.

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