Clark Propane Plus & One-Tank

‘‘I really feel this is the best monitoring product on the market, BAR NONE.’’

The Company

Clark Propane Plus is a propane provider, specializing in both retail and wholesale services. With a rich history dating back to 1953, they have expanded their operations to encompass nine locations throughout Kentucky.

The Challenge

Before partnering with One-Tank, Clark Propane Plus faced significant challenges with their previous monitor vendor. Monitors would fail inexplicably, with over 50 failures observed in a single day. Technical support was lacking, with communication barriers and a lack of solutions for ongoing problems.

The Solution

Dewayne Carpenter, the manager of Clark Propane Plus, identified One-Tank as the right solution for their monitoring needs. Impressed by the attention to detail exhibited by the One-Tank team, Dewayne’s decision was solidified when they provided one-on-one training at his place of business—a level of personalized service unheard of with other providers.

The Results

Since adopting One-Tank, Clark Propane Plus has experienced several significant results:

Reduced Costs & Increased Efficiency:

Reduced diesel fuel expense and more efficient deliveries.

Utilized as a Selling Tool:

The ability to monitor tank levels through the app became a valuable selling point for Clark Propane Plus, attracting customers who appreciate real-time visibility.

User-Friendly Interface:

One-Tank's system proved to be very user-friendly, enhancing the overall experience for both employees and customers.

Competitive Edge:

One-Tank demonstrated far more capability than their previous provider, giving Clark Propane Plus a competitive edge in the market.


“I deal with A LOT of vendors in my industry, and I have never had service this good. The personal
service provided by One-Tank, combined with the effectiveness of their monitoring system, has significantly contributed to the success and efficiency of Clark Propane Plus.

"One-Tank by far is the best, and the dashboard gives you so much information. It cuts your cost for diesel fuel and makes you so much more efficient on deliveries. My customers love it; they get an app for their phone or computer, so they also monitor their tank. Now we are looking to do monthly billing.”

‘’I have told you what I like about One-Tank monitors, but what I like the most is the staff—they are just good people that care about you, and I’m so glad I can call them my friends."

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