Transforming field propane storage in 2 minutes or less

Great news: You’ve made the switch from bulk-tank storage to field (sometimes called tertiary) storage. Now you’ll be able to utilize unused capacity in customer tanks as storage. By keeping field tanks topped off during warmer weather, you’ll be able to proactively keep your customers from running low on fuel during peak winter usage.

It’s true, the benefits of using field storage over bulk storage are significant (both for your business and your customers). Unfortunately however, field storage still has one thing in common with bulk-tank storage: Lack of detailed insight into tank data.

The bottom line is: The advantages you get from a move to field storage can’t be fully realized if you don’t know what’s going on in your tanks. Tanks may run low (or out) without you noticing, leaks may happen and go undetected for too long, and unusual usage patterns may not be identified until it’s too late. But now there’s a way to fix that problem.

The field tank data problem, solved

Satellite technology and cloud services have become a game-changer for field storage monitoring and tracking. Remote monitoring now enables suppliers to track fuel levels in field tanks from any web-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone. It gives you easy access to the latest data for all of your field tanks, allowing you to refill them before they’re empty at lower, off-peak prices, and easily top up customers’ fuel to avoid emergency call-outs in the dead of winter.

Real-time tank monitoring with One-Tank

The One-Tank system uses the SkyTracker satellite device to provide real-time tank monitoring data for field storage. Designed with temperature compensation capabilities to account for propane shrinkage and expansion due to changes in temperature, One-Tank is the only monitor on the market that is accurate enough be used for remote metering, enabling true pay-as-you-go pricing for customers, and dependable, consistent rates year-round.

Getting started with One-Tank is easy. The SkyTracker installs on any field storage tank in under 2 minutes and requires no special tools or expertise. It magnetically adheres to the surface of the tank and plugs directly into the gauge face.

Signals are so strong that they are able to consistently transmit without issue from any location, no matter how remote. Suppliers report that their SkyTracker signals have remained constant, even in areas with snow 20-feet deep, in densely forested areas, on top of rocky peaks, and from remote plains. SkyTrackers are currently in use around the world, from remote locations in Nigeria, to the Yukon and the Rocky Mountains. The SkyTracker hardware is also 100% waterproof to keep it on the job during downpours, snow melts, and other encounters with moisture.

SkyTracker is battery-operated, and based on standard residential loads, its standard battery pack only needs to be replaced once every seven years. Battery replacement is easy and takes less than one minute to complete.

Level up with One-Tank

You’ve already taken a huge step by switching to field tank storage; now it’s time to level up your business and open up unlimited opportunities by adding remote data monitoring and metering with One-Tank. You’ll be connected to your tank data from anywhere, on any device, so neither you nor your customers will unexpectedly run out of fuel. One-Tank SkyTracker will also enable you to offer your customers the most accurate metered billing in the industry. And every step of the way, you can be confident that the One-Tank account manager dedicated to your account will be there for you with end-to-end support and troubleshooting assistance.

Are you ready to level up your business and keep customers happy all winter long?

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