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Make the Most Out of Existing Tank storage

One-Tank uses satellite and cellular tank monitors to deliver data that enables you to tap into unused tank capacity for field storage.

Get Low, Consistent Pricing and Reduce Overhead

Using One-Tank, you can fill field storage tanks in warm weather when prices are low to create year-round fuel availability for customers.

Retain Customers and Future-Proof Your Business

With One-Tank, your customers only pay for fuel used each month, and never run out during peak winter usage, or natural disasters.

Frequently asked questions

With answers to many commonly asked questions, discover important aspects of our products that keep us ahead of the competition.

One-Tank is a combination of hardware and software that allows you to use leased propane tanks as storage. If you own the steel and you're leasing it out to your customer, you can use One-Tank's remote monitors for accurate, remotely metered billing. This allows you to fill the tank on your own schedule without charging the customer, and creates hundreds of new gallons of storage for each tank you enable.

You'll use a remote monitor, known as the SkyTracker, to get remote data from any ASME propane tank. The SkyTracker performs a patented, temperature compensated calculation to provide you accurate consumption billing data from the propane tank. This data is fed to our low earth orbit satellite network, then it is displayed in your One-Tank dashboard. The One-Tank dashboard works in any browser. You then can bill your customers monthly for their actual usage, rather than delivering hundreds of gallons all at once and requiring large payments.

It takes about 90 seconds to install a SkyTracker. Simply plug the wiring harness connector into the remote-ready dial on your tank, then set the base of the SkyTracker right on top of the tank. The magnetic baseplate of the SkyTracker matches the curvature of the tank and provides a solid adherence to the surface.

See our Coverage Map for the areas covered by our satellite network. There are three requirements in order to get a clear signal: the location must be within the coverage area, there must be at least a 15 degree clear view of the sky, and the unit must be mounted on top of any large metal objects that are within a few feet as metal can sometimes interfere.

SkyTracker R is rated for up to 800 transmissions. That translates to roughly 7 years of battery life under standard conditions for residential accounts. Batteries are easily replaceable and inexpensive.

Yes. SkyTracker is Class I, Div II certified under UL. For ATEX certification, this translates to ATEX Zone 2.

  • Propane
    • Residential
    • Bulk Storage
    • Underground
    • Dispensers
  • Diesel / Refined Fuels
  • Anhydrous Ammonia
  • Fuel Oil

One-Tank will replace any unit that is determined to be defective within the Three Year (3) Limited Warranty period, based on date of purchase. A defective unit is one which a dealer has notified One-Tank verbally or in writing is not working and it has been determined that the problem is not a bad battery or a damaged cable/sensor.


The propane industry's exclusive buyer/seller networking events.


Interviews and webinars on propane industry trends.


The One-Tank system enables propane marketers to take full control of the tanks already being serviced.

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Coverage Map

Our satellite monitors have coverage around the world, including virtually all of the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, portions of South America, portions of North and South Africa, North-East Asia.


Western Propane Podcast
  •   The State of Energy Podcast
    with Rand DeWitt and Tom Clark

  •   Aug 26, 2021

Best of Reno - 4 interviews of Western Propane Convention
vendors and attendees

Pete Dwyer from Cavanaga Group
Robert Kenny from Metsa
Joel Emerson from Clearwater Propane
Brian Humphrey from One-Tank

  • Ellen Kriz
  • Jul 29, 2020

One-Tank develops mobile app

One-Tank launched a mobile app for propane clients that will keep them informed on the latest readings from their tanks.

For propane marketers, this will help in reducing will calls, short fills and short notice orders from customers, which often result in overtime.

Propane marketers will be able to offer the app to their customers under their own brand to help keep customers engaged and loyal.

Within the app, customers can request service, send an email or call their propane provider.

Historical data allows customers to see usage over days, weeks, months and years.

By removing the guesswork regarding how many gallons are needed and by when, propane marketers can help customers make educated decisions.

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  • Feb 01, 2020

Facts About Tank Monitoring

SkyTracker™ is the original direct-to-satellite remote tank monitoring system. It is used and trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide.

With innovative research and thousands of hours of field testing, SkyTracker is the most robust, versatile and cost effective tank monitor on the market today...

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