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Metered billing: Can it transform customer satisfaction?

Are fluctuating prices and fuel outages putting a dent in customer satisfaction? Now there's a way you can give your customers more affordable monthly rates and provide consistent fuel availability (plus save money yourself!) with metered billing.

The facts are undeniable: Traditional propane billing benefits neither you nor your customer. Your customers suffer when bill rates fluctuate wildly based on fuel prices and season, and your overhead skyrockets due to winter price spikes and the inefficient delivery routes you're forced into when unexpected outages hit.

By opting in to a metered billing program however, both you and your customer win every month. You'll make your customers happy by providing lower rates and better service, and you'll be able to knock out your competitors with an offering they just can't match.

One-Tank metered billing

Designed to work with field (tertiary) storage tanks to monitor tank capacity and activity, One-Tank uses satellite tank monitors to deliver a digital representation of available field storage. The system installs in less than 2 minutes (really!) and enables you to pass along savings to your customers when you avoid like long lines and delays at fuel terminals, peak-season pricing, or supply shortfalls.

One-Tank metered billing uses the SkyTracker field propane monitoring device to track actual customer usage in real time, using a metered billing model similar to the pay-as-you-go utility billing most people have for water and electricity. Your customers pay only for the fuel they use each month, and One-Tank ensures that they never pay peak-season fuel prices, and they never run out of propane during winter months.

Customer service? No, customer happiness!

You'll see great results quickly when you upgrade your system to metered billing. Your customers will be happy because they're saving money, paying only for propane they use each month. You'll be happy too, because now you're using your customers' unused tank capacity to store fuel purchased at off-season prices.

But the real game-changer for your business will your customers' happiness and loyalty. They'll never run out of fuel during peak season again, and you'll be able to alert them to tank leaks, unusual usage patterns, and other issues before they get expensive.

Get a free metered billing evaluation

If you're interested in finding out how much you can save your customers through metered billing, contact us today for a free evaluation of your system.

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Jess LaCrew

2 hours ago

One-Tank has helped me to winter-proof my propane business by providing real-time visibility into my available storage. I now know how much total storage is available, helping me to efficiently route my bobtail trucks.

Brook McCann

4 hours ago

Now I can be more proactive and plan for the winter ahead, alleviating price spikes and putting the extra profits back into my business.

Toni Welcot

3 hours ago

I am enjoying all the benefits of remote tank monitoring, like
    - Liquid level Notices,
    - Reports
    - Improved Customer Satisfaction
    - Email & Text Alerts
    - GPS Tracking
    - Optimized Routing
    - Back Office Integration
    - Customer Access to Mobile App to Track Inventory and Consumption
    - Global Connectivity

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