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Your customers are planning ahead for winter—are you?

In every way, 2020 has been an extraordinary year thus far. And now as the seasons shift and temperatures begin to cool, propane customers are actively planning ahead for their winter fuel needs. Smart propane marketers are, too.

In trying to anticipate fulfillment of their customers’ needs, propane marketers run up against numerous obstacles. Those reliant on bulk-tank storage know that there’s never enough fuel available in their tanks during peak season when customers need it most. (If you remember the propane shortage back in 2013-14, you know first-hand the chaos that scarcity can cause.)

Yet customers will always need regular fuel delivery during winter. For suppliers using limited-capacity bulk storage, that usually means being forced to refill tanks at painful peak-season prices.

Those using tertiary (or field) storage have it a little better. Field storage is more efficient than bulk storage, enabling marketers to more easily keep their customers’ fuel topped off during peak season. The downside though, is that with dispersed tertiary storage, it’s difficult to accurately track and monitor tank capacity.

Until now.

Tracking tanks in the cloud

Cloud tracking and monitoring has been a game-changer for tertiary storage, rendering traditional bulk-tank storage nearly obsolete. It takes away the uncertainty of field tank capacity, putting the propane marketer more in control of their supply chain than ever before.

How it works

With cloud tracking and monitoring, digital dashboards use satellite technology to deliver real-time tank data to mobile devices. By providing insight and access into unused storage in existing field tanks, cloud monitoring enables propane marketers to fill tanks in the off season when prices are low, avoiding dramatic winter price spikes. It also helps them to shield their business and their customers from unexpected supply interruptions in bad weather.

Early adopters of this new technology report that they’ve been able to reduce fuel costs, cut peak-season overhead, and ensure that their customers never run out of fuel during the winter months.

One-Tank and your winter strategy

Developed by industry experts, One-Tank SkyTracker eliminates the costs, inefficiencies, and risks of traditional bulk-tank propane storage and help marketers secure and grow their businesses. With One-Tank as part of your winter business strategy, you can top off tanks before bad weather hits, avoiding the usual peak-season price spikes. And because you’re using all available tank capacity for field storage, your customers will never run out, so you can keep them happy—and keep your drivers off of dangerous roadways. You’ll also have the flexibility to lower your prices and be more competitive without sacrificing any existing profit margins.

Winter is coming: Get ready now

If you’re already using tertiary storage, getting started with One-Tank is easy. The SkyTracker magnetically adheres to the surface of your tank and plugs into the gauge face with a remote-ready dial. It takes less than two minutes—and no special tools or expertise are required.

It only takes two minutes to transform your winter business strategy with One-Tank

Contact us today to find out more!

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Jess LaCrew

2 hours ago

One-Tank has helped me to winter-proof my propane business by providing real-time visibility into my available storage. I now know how much total storage is available, helping me to efficiently route my bobtail trucks.

Brook McCann

4 hours ago

Now I can be more proactive and plan for the winter ahead, alleviating price spikes and putting the extra profits back into my business.

Toni Welcot

3 hours ago

I am enjoying all the benefits of remote tank monitoring, like
    - Liquid level Notices,
    - Reports
    - Improved Customer Satisfaction
    - Email & Text Alerts
    - GPS Tracking
    - Optimized Routing
    - Back Office Integration
    - Customer Access to Mobile App to Track Inventory and Consumption
    - Global Connectivity

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